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Interpleader: Why Life Insurance Lawyer Now is the Leader.

Interpleader cases are very complicated legal matters – don’t try to litigate this yourself or use a non-expert lawyer. Interpleader: Why Life Insurance Lawyer Now is the Leader. Here are 5 reasons why.

 1. We have been doing interpleader law and litigation for almost 30 years, and are experts in this area.

When you contact us on your interpleader insurance case, you talk to a real lawyer, one with many years of experience – not an assistant, or a paralegal.  Get answers now, from a real lawyer.

2. We will focus on your case, from start to finish. You don’t have to repeat your information and facts to one person after another.

3. Many other law firms will take your case and refer it out to another firm – while they take a cut of  your settlement or judgment – not us.

We are not like the divorce lawyers or child custody lawyers you may have had to deal with in the past, which for many, is their first and only time of hiring a lawyer.  We get back to you, by phone, email, or text.  We let you know what is going on your interpleader insurance case – discussing our strategy with you ahead of time, and making sure that we get every fact about your case.

4. We are selective about the cases we take.  Sometimes, our opinion is that a case might not have enough facts to win, or that there may be legal questions that make it just too uncertain.  As we  are committed to winning our cases, it is essential that our clients are as forthcoming and direct as possible with us.  We can’t guarantee a result on your interpleader case, but we can guarantee that we will work hard for you, gathering all the facts and proof that will help make our case strong, and further our strategy.

  • One huge mistake is that potential clients have waited too long to start legal proceedings against an Insurer – as legal time limits can cost you a potential victory. 
  • The Insurance Company wants you to wait – it increases their chances of keeping money that may be rightfully yours. 
  • This passage of time is always the first and preferred defense of the Insurer.

When the life insurance company feels no pressure to pay the claim fast, they will invent ways to delay payment, as well as complicate matters by requesting unnecessary documents to waste your time.

If you have a life insurance claim where the life insurance company really seems to be investigating, on and on and on, don’t give them the time they want to beat your claim.  We push life insurance companies to pay the benefits, and pay them now.

When you are looking for a life insurance lawyer, you should find out about the lawyer’s experience and knowledge.  We know how to convince insurance companies and other beneficiaries to pay.

5. We have been in the boardroom in the other side, we know how the thinking works in a big life insurance company.

Many times, we can get a policy paid within 6 days!  We help to get the necessary information into the life insurance company – and push the life insurance claim away from too much investigation, and too many requests for documents and medical records.

  • When looking for a life insurance lawyer, look for the fighting spirit. 
We have the fighting spirit, for you and your family.  We enjoy and take great pride in helping people who have suffered a loss, and are being deceived by a life insurance company.
  • When you are looking for a life insurance lawyer, watch out for people who can’t help you where you are living.  A lawyer in another state can’t come into your state and help you – they don’t know the laws and aren’t able to practice law there.  Especially if your claim is in California,  you absolutely need a California lawyer.
We have done this a lot.  We take the time to know you and your case.  We start working for you NOW.  We communicate with you, respond to your calls, are available to you.  We focus on how to win your case.  If you have a problem getting your life insurance claim paid, rescission, beneficiary disputes, or your policy has been cancelled or has other issues on it, you need to contact Life Insurance Lawyer NOW.com or life insurance justice.com.  Use the form on our site, or email us, or call (888) 997-4070 or (818) 937-0937 to speak directly to an experienced life insurance lawyer.   We are the best life insurance lawyers around, and we are real lawyers, not a lawyer referral service or “middleman”, we are here for you NOW.