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Do I Have to Come to Your Offices? Can You Help Even if I’m in Another

How We Help Clients.
We are leaders in working electronically. We are not here to nag you. We do the work, not you. There are a few things we need. Sometimes, a few other things come up. But we aren’t the kind of lawyers who try to make you, our own clients, look like a liar, to test you. We don’t yell or scream at you. You can bet we don’t let anyone else do that to you, either. We don’t make you search endlessly for documents.

Virtual / Remote or In-Person
We can zoom, facetime, and just talk on the good old phone. We help with documents. We can come to see you, at one of our local offices, or a location that is good for you. We understand what you are going through. The case isn’t about us, it’s about you, and your lost loved one, and your rights to the life insurance benefits. We are here to help.

We help people all over the country.
The life insurance company is a national company, with respect to each state’s laws. We are, too, and we can be wherever you need us, to protect your rights. (
Local counsel and travel do not increase your fees or cost, we comply with all state laws and association requirements.) We used to work for the insurance companies, we know how they think, and we know the law. Get our more than twenty years of Court experience to work for you.

We Are A Life Insurance Law Firm with a Proven Thirty-Year Track Record.
LifeInsuranceLawyerNOW.com  is an insurance law firm with a proven thirty-year track record of dedication to the best qualified legal counseling and representation.  Our managing partner has more than thirty years of legal experience, in courtrooms all over the country, at every level.  Because of our experience working for insurance companies, on the highest levels, we really know what a life insurance company is thinking.  We have handled insurance cases on all levels; from the smallest (but important!) life insurance claim, to coverage and rescission cases on $20,000,000 life insurance policies.  We have a real reputation with the life insurance companies and their lawyers, as a law firm that is not only very zealous and hard working for our clients, but as real professionals, who can communicate directly with high-level insurance company officers, in a way that gets justice for our clients, and their claims paid.   The lawyers at our firm work on a wide range of complex insurance matters.  Our life insurance attorneys are known throughout the country for getting life insurance policies paid fast,  collecting wrongfully delayed and denied life insurance claims fast,  and litigating the most hard-fought and complex beneficiary disputes and interpleader lawsuits.

California is the Leading State for Life Insurance Lawsuits. 
Nowhere else are there so many cases about insurance law, and so many regulations.  Because our lead partner has been a California lawyer for more than 30 years, in the insurance lawsuit world, we offer you an edge that no other law firm can match.  Being a lawyer is called the “practice” of law for a reason: to be a great lawyer, takes time and exposure to different legal experiences.  Combined with our energy and devotion to you, our client, you will be very happy that you hired the experienced firm, lifeinsurancelawyer NOW.com for your life insurance claim or case.

We Get To Work on You Life Insurance Claim NOW.
At Life Insurance Lawyer NOW.com we are NOW lawyers.  NOW means we start now, and we work on your life insurance claim NOW.  Nothing sits here–we are regularly calling, writing, and suing life insurance companies, to force them to follow the laws and regulations, and to live up to their promises.

We represent life insurance beneficiaries and policy owners like you.  Our clients often have started their own claims, only to have the life insurance company wrongfully deny, delay, or investigate their claims, instead of paying.

We can start working with you NOW, on your claim, and we won’t stop our services until you are paid, whether it takes additional claims documents being obtained or submitted, or a full trial in Federal Court for a life insurance bad faith case.  Unlike other lawyers, who are just learning about life insurance companies and their tactics, we have literally advised insurance companies on their own punitive damages cases and multi-million dollar settlements.  We have helped to write insurance policies, and to determine what they mean, in insurance cases that involve a decision about millions of dollars in claims.  We work fast, we work NOW, and we don’t let up the pressure on the life insurance company until your claim is paid.

We are energetic in protecting your rights and presenting your life insurance claim with the highest level of credibility and professionalism.  Our clients often tell us how happy they are that they made the decision to hire us; like a “huge weight off their shoulders.”   We communicate often and clearly with our clients, so you always know what is going on with your claim.  Many times, we put so much pressure on the life insurance company, that they quickly pay the claim, rather than dare to meet us in Court.

Because our lead partner has been at this for more than 30 years, and has seen all aspects of insurance law, from both the insurance company side and the claimant side, we get real results.  We have litigated in Court many different types of cases, so we will be able to help on yours.   We are among the most experienced insurance litigators in the country, with lots of experience in life insurance law:   We are constantly litigating life insurance claim delays and denials, accidental death coverage denials, life insurance issues covered by ERISA, ERISA denials and appeals, beneficiary disputes, interpleader litigation, and insurance bad faith litigation.

We Are Sensitive To One of Life’s Worst Events, the Loss of a Loved One.
We know this too: our clients often come to us after one of life’s worst events, the loss of a loved one.  We know how to work compassionately and nicely with our clients; we never question you in a way to make you feel that you somehow did something wrong.  We are truly here to help you.  We work to marshall all the evidence that will help get your claim paid, get the policy benefits for you, and to win your case.  We also work to advise you on what the law is, how it works, and how the facts that come up in your case, and which can be proven in court, affect your case.  We are direct, respectful, and helpful to our clients.  We always respect our clients, what they have been through, and how no one is looking for life insurance problems.

We have a work process that has been developed over thirty years, but which is adapted to the most cutting edge use of technology.   We work with you, to make this process better, to gather the important information, and to really listen to what you have to say, so things go well.  Usually, we work on a contingency basis, which means if we can’t win for you, you don’t owe us anything.  We have the best fees anywhere.   We always remember that this situation is about helping you.

Our Practice Areas Include:

  • Appeals of Denied Life Insurance Claims
  • Appeals of Denied Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Claims
  • Collecting Delayed Life Insurance Claims
  • Administrative ERISA Appeals
  • ERISA litigation
  • Appeals of Denied Accelerated Death Benefits Claims
  • Beneficiary Disputes
  • Interpleader Litigation
  • Insurance Arbitration/ Mediation
  • Settlements of Complex Insurance Disputes
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Our life insurance attorneys can handle disputes against many life insurance companies, including:

  • Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  • Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company
  • AARP New York Life Insurance Company
  • Allstate Life Insurance Company
  • Allstate Life Insurance Company
  • Allianz Life Insurance Company
  • Amica Life Insurance Company
  • American General Life Insurance Company
  • AIG Life Insurance Company
  • American National Life Insurance Company
  • Axa Equitable Life Insurance Company
  • Banner Life Insurance Company
  • Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
  • Empire General Life Insurance Company
  • EquiTrust Life Insurance Company
  • Farmers Life Insurance Company
  • Fidelity Life Insurance Company
  • Geico Life Insurance Company
  • Genworth Life Insurance Company
  • Hartford Life Insurance Company
  • Integrity Life Insurance Company
  • ING Life Insurance Company
  • Jefferson National Life Insurance Company
  • Jackson National Life Insurance Company
  • John Hancock Life Insurance Company
  • Kansas City Life Insurance Company
  • Liberty Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
  • Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • MetLife Life Insurance Company
  • Midland National Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company
  • New York Life Life Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Life Insurance Company
  • North American Life Insurance Company
  • Ohio National Life Insurance Company
  • Protective Life Insurance Company
  • Pacific Life Insurance Company
  • Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • Presidential Life Insurance Company
  • Prudential Life Insurance Company
  • Pruco Life Insurance Company
  • ReliaStar Life Insurance Company
  • Riversource Life Insurance Company
  • SunAmerica Life Insurance Company
  • State Farm Life Insurance Company
  • Standard Life Insurance Company
  • USAA Life Insurance Company
  • Travelers Life Insurance Company
  • Voya Life Insurance Company
  • 21st Century Life Insurance Company
  • California Life Insurance Lawyer
  • National Life Insurance Lawyer
  • Florida Life Insurance Lawyer

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"After my father died, the insurance company said there problems with the application, and they would not pay." I hired the lawyers at Make Your Life Insurance Pay and they sued the insurance company. They showed there were no problems. The judge agreed, and we finally got what we deserved. Very fair. Thank you again."

"After my father died, the insurance company said there problems with the application, and they would not pay." I hired the lawyers at Make Your Life Insurance Pay and they sued the insurance company. They showed there were no problems. The judge agreed, and we finally got what we deserved. Very fair. Thank you again."