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Insurance is one of the most important, most bought things, but most people never know if their insurance company will “be there when they need them.”   Only a few people have claims on insurance policies, even though everyone buys a lot of insurance.   People buy more insurance then they know.  Why do people buy insurance?  The biggest answer, confirmed by the Courts, is for “peace of mind.”  Insurance is not an ordinary contract, between two businesses, where if one side breaks the contract, they will pay ordinary money damages.  Insurance is a special contract, for peace of mind, and the Courts support that.  When an insurance company breaks its promises, or just makes it too difficult to get a claim paid, the insurance company may owe more than just the insurance benefits.  The insurer may owe “bad faith insurance” damages–to make up for not delivering on that “peace of mind” that is owed you, the policyholder or insured.  We are experienced in life insurance policies held by trusts, including Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (“ILITs”) and other holding entities.

We help people to get insurance companies to do the right thing, to fully and fairly pay all the benefits owed, without excessive investigation, and we get the insurance company to pay more when they have violated your right to “peace of mind.”
We help people on all types of insurance policies:  life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, automobile liability insurance (uninsured motorist and liability coverage), business interruption insurance, and disability insurance from a private insurance company.  This site is focused on our recovery of life insurance benefits for the families who have lost ones.

We know why you bought life insurance.
Because you wanted to care for your family if something happened to you.  (Bonus question:  do you know that many life insurance policies have provisions for partial payment, if you are alive, but suffer a severe injury, such as the loss of a limb or vision?  Find out  more).  This “peace of mind” purchase is the basic promise of life insurance.  Life insurance makes another, basic and important promise, too:  Life insurance promises to pay after you are gone, and unable to speak up about why you bought the policy, and what you expected.  Life insurance is that unique product that only goes active after you have passed away.  Because the very product itself anticipates that you will not be around to do anything to help it happen, it is very important that the life insurance company live up to its responsibilities.  Because you are not there to watch the insurance company, at the very time it is actually called upon to do something, the law places a real responsibility on the insurers to be fair.  But even with the nature of the insurance contract, and the responsibilities given by the law, many insurance companies think their only job is to collect premium, and to not pay out benefits.

For life insurance claims, we have a special passion to get these benefits paid.
That an insurance company would delay, resist, over-investigate, and ultimately deny paying life insurance benefits, is especially evil.  A person who was concerned enough to make the right arrangements in life, is owed a real obligation that those arrangements be fulfilled in that awful circumstance when he or she is not around to fight for those rights.  We will do that fighting for the person and their family, and we will never quit or give up, and we will keep our clients informed about the particulars of the law and fact, so they make their own decisions.

As a special additional consideration for our clients, who have suffered through so much, we offer grief and counseling referrals, and we will cover the cost of the initial session.
We believe strongly that when a life insurance company wrongfully denies paying on a life insurance policy, that betrayal affects the people who should have received the benefits.  Whether the children, wife or husband, parents, or other loved ones; anyone who should have received benefits but has wrongfully been denied, deserves the benefits and a time to be heard, too.

We have fought for policy coverages and benefits on a variety of life insurance policies, from the small, to $20,000,000 in policy benefits.
We are experienced in life insurance policy litigation, and insurance litigation.  We know where the life insurance companies push and attack these policies, to make it hard on the families who are entitled to benefits.  When a trust holds the policy, we know how to get the policy paid, as well, and will use all the tools available to get the policy paid.

High Hat” or “Key man or Key person” policies.  These are large policies, generally held in the name of a business, to insure the life of a founder or important employee of a business.
Sometimes a key actor will have substantial insurance.  When there is a need to push the insurance company to pay on these policies, we should be your first call.  We are able to litigate these policies, too, with energy, brains, and aggressive spirit.

We should be your choice for life insurance counsel.
Why ?  Because we have a unique mix of insurance experience, law experience, and concern for people that will drive us to do the best.   All cases turn on the particular facts and law, but will bring to your our best attention and focus, to do the best we can on your case.  We are not too small, where a lawyer lacks experience and knowledge, and we are not too big, where your case gets put in the back of the file cabinet.  We work cases hard and smart, and are known for being very aggressive and very professional.  We represented a variety of insurance companies before setting up our own practices, and know how the claims people in those insurance companies work and look at claims.  We understand the California law and regulations–which actually fill up book after book–and how to use the right law and the right regulation to support the payment of your claim, and other damages, too.

Don’t give up when a life insurance company denies your right to life insurance benefits.
Call or email us, to find out more information on your claim, and how we can help.  All calls and emails are strictly confidential and privileged; and there is no charge for getting in touch with us to see if we can help.  You have nothing to lose.  The insurance companies hope you will never call or email us.

Our promises to you:

  • We will do the best we can on your case.
  • We will always treat your case as our most important case.  You will never have your file lost in the back of a cabinet, or not considered.
  • We will return your calls and emails usually within the next 4 business hours, and always within 24 hours.
  • We will be candid and direct with you about your claim, the law, and the facts supporting it, and the overall legal process.  We won’t overestimate your chances for success, and we will never underestimate your chances, either.
  • All of our financial accounting on your case will be fully reviewed and authorized by you, with an accountant who independently reviews all of our reporting to you.  Your judgement or settlement will be paid promptly to you.

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"After my father died, the insurance company said there problems with the application, and they would not pay." I hired the lawyers at Make Your Life Insurance Pay and they sued the insurance company. They showed there were no problems. The judge agreed, and we finally got what we deserved. Very fair. Thank you again."

"After my father died, the insurance company said there problems with the application, and they would not pay." I hired the lawyers at Make Your Life Insurance Pay and they sued the insurance company. They showed there were no problems. The judge agreed, and we finally got what we deserved. Very fair. Thank you again."