Can You Dispute a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

Can You Dispute a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

Yes, if you have reasonable grounds to believe that the person the life insurance company shows as the beneficiary is not the person intended by the insured. The first question is what do the records of the life insurance company show? Who is the named beneficiary? When were they named? Was the insured person capable of knowing what they were doing? Did someone force the insured person to make a change that was not really the insured’s person intent? There are other questions and considerations, too. We have seen it all.

What you need to do if someone is disputing that you are the beneficiary. You should be sure to make your claim for the benefits. You should follow up on your claim, and insist that it be paid. If the life insurance company has received another claim, from another person, it may file an interpleader complaint. An interpleader complaint is the process the life insurance company uses to have a judge decide who is the lawful beneficiary. An interpleader is a legal process–actually a lawsuit brought by the insurance company–so the judge hears all the evidence and decides for the insurance company. But as a lawsuit, you need a sharp life insurance lawyer to get all the evidence that is needed, and get it admitted into evidence, so you get the right decision.

If you are not listed with the life insurance company as the beneficiary, the company might not even talk to you about it. If you meet the wall of confidentiality and privacy, you really need an experienced life insurance attorney to help you, now. Even if a beneficiary designation has been lost or rejected by the company, if the company’s computer system doesn’t list you, they might not talk to you at all. Even if you are the son or daughter of the insured person. Just getting the facts and real answers from the life insurance company can take a lawyer.

If you are going to dispute a beneficiary, carefully consider the evidence that may be available to support your dispute. Who has that evidence? Who is a strong witness? What would the doctors say? There are many different possible sources of evidence, depending on what you believe was the wrong that was done. It takes a very aggressive life insurance attorney to be able to gather the necessary evidence, and to bring it to Court, in a way that will win.

Disputing a life insurance beneficiary is possible but you need the right facts. Sometimes, these facts can come from a doctor who reviews medical records. Just getting the right medical records can take a lawyer’s work. Sometimes, you need to get other people, witnesses, to talk to an investigator and make a statement. Sometimes, we work with handwriting and computer experts to see if certain documents are even properly signed by the person. There can be other parts of our investigation, too. Because we worked for life insurance companies, and know just how they manage claims, we are the best choice for you. We will know what to do to help your claim, and we will take action, now.


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