Can You Sue a Life Insurance Company?

Can You Sue a Life Insurance Company?

Yes, but you need a very aggressive life insurance lawyer to do it. Life insurance companies have been in business a long time and have lots of lawyers working for them. They are huge companies. They have lots of experience in not paying claims. If a life insurance company has denied your claim, or delayed your claim, get us on your side. If the life insurance company is investigating but has not paid, you may need us to sue the company, to get them to pay. If the life insurance company says the life insurance policy was cancelled, so there are no benefits due, we may be able to help. Sometimes it takes a lawsuit and a lawyer that the life insurance company knows from other cases, to get that claim paid.

Remember, the life insurance company does not want to pay your claim. These claims are very expensive, compared the cost of the life insurance policy. The life insurance company expects only a few of the policies to really ever have claims made. Only a part of those claims does it expect to ever pay. The life insurance company will do more to not pay a claim than it ever did to sell a policy. Our clients are often surprised by the intense questioning that the claims adjuster or investigator will put them through. None of our clients expect the many questions and requests for all sorts of documents that are required in a claim. If the life insurance company really sees a chance to not pay a claim, their focus on not paying that claim goes way up.

Because life insurance claims are relatively rare, few regular people have much experience with them. Look at what you have suddenly found yourself involved in–a disputed life insurance claim. You are not at your best–you have lost a loved one. Whether sudden or the result of a long illness, the loss of a loved one is difficult. You cannot overestimate the experience of the life insurance company in investigating and denying life insurance claims. When you hear that a life insurance company has been in business for 150 years, remember, they have been denying claims for 149 years. Life insurance companies are staffed by long term employees who are trained in how to find a reason to not pay.

Life insurance companies keep detailed files on all the ways they are investigating the claim, and you, to see if the payment is required. They have lots of questions for you. They have many needs for all sorts of different documents. They have investigators on staff. They have medical doctors working for them, to review records. But the biggest fear they have: they don’t want you to sue them using an experienced life insurance attorney, like us, who knows how to understand what they are really doing. The life insurance company is very good at making their own self interests look like they are doing a fair job. Most attorneys won’t know how to show the real motive of the life insurance company–to not pay your claim. Because we have worked so much for insurance companies in the past, and know how they think and what they look for, we can see if they were really doing their job, or if they need to be sued, because they are really just trying to not pay, and to blame it somehow on you–or your passed away loved one.

You can sue a life insurance company. But you need a sharp life insurance lawyer like us to work it for you. Life insurance company’s build their files to support their actions. Even if the life insurance company has delayed your claim, investigated things that just don’t matter, or denied the claim. The company has lots of documents showing how what they did seemed reasonable, and even required under the contract. Your lawyer needs to be experienced reading these files and knowing what is really going on at the life insurance company. There are lots of costs in a life insurance case. You need a successful lawyer to be able to support those costs, to get your case to where you can win. The last thing you need is an inexperienced lawyer, or someone who doesn’t have many years of experience with life insurance companies. This is why you need a strong and aggressive life insurance lawyer like us to handle your claim.

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