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Cigna Life Insurance Company

Cigna Life Insurance Company is not only a huge life insurance company, but a huge health insurance company as well.

Cigna sells individual whole life insurance, selling it as a “final expenses” policy, with benefits to $25,000.  Cigna seeks to sidestep the rescission law, by making its policies cover life insurance only after the first two years have passed; before that, the “insurance” is only for the amount of the premiums.

Cigna also sells “accidental” life insurance, which is a very narrow product, which only covers death caused by accident – so, any unforseen illness is something not covered.  These policies confuse many people into thinking they have a life insurance policy, that provides some family security when it only actually provides coverage against accidental death, not the many other more common sad ways that death occurs.  These policies may be “more affordable than you think” because you are thinking you get a real full life insurance policy, but you are not.

Here’s some interesting news regarding Cigna – Texas Hospital Partially Wins $50M ERISA Lawsuit Against Cigna.

  • “Cigna violated ERISA by denying full benefit payments to out-of-network provider that engaged in fee-forgiving practice
  • Decision follows a $13.6 million judgment against Cigna in a similar case involving another Texas hospital”
Have you suffered the unexpected loss of a loved one, only to have a claim for life insurance benefits delayed, or denied?  Do you get the feeling that the life insurance company is doing everything it can to avoid paying the claim?  Has the life insurance company sent you a letter stating that they are rescinding the policy, making a rescission, or just sending back the premiums paid? Especially if your loved one had the policy for less than two years before passing away, the life insurance company can become very aggressive at seeking to avoid the policy payment.  Rescission is a favored strategy of the life insurance company, if the policy was issued less than two years before the death.
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