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Farmers Life Insurance Company

Farmers Life Insurance Company (also Farmers New World Life Insurance Company) sells term life insurance with different time periods for level premium payments, as well as Permanent Life Insurance.

Farmers “permanent” life insurance is described as:

“a good option if you have long-term needs like income for a spouse, an inheritance for children, or end-of-life expenses, because it:

Can remain in force as long as you live;
Premiums generally do not increase during the life of the policy;
May build cash value, which you can borrow for other uses or which you can use to help pay your premiums in the future. If the policy is cancelled, any cash value is sent to the policy owner.”

Permanent life insurance includes:

“Whole life insurance – is one of the most common types of permanent life insurance. Premiums on whole life policies are guaranteed never to increase as long as the policy remains in force; policies offer guaranteed cash value accumulation, and the policy owner may borrow against the cash value of the policy.
Universal life insurance – allows you to tailor your insurance to meet your changing needs with flexible premiums.
and benefits with potential for building cash value. The policy owner may also borrow against the cash value of the policy.”
Farmers Life Insurance Company has many complicating contract requirements for each of the various forms of life insurance that it offers.  Because the policy forms and language change over time, some policies may have certain features which may be changed in later versions.

Does Farmers Life Insurance Company Pay the Rightful Beneficiaries the Proper Benefit Amounts? 

It just takes a quick google search to find entire websites devoted to the bad faith tactics of Farmers Insurance and its subsidiaries:

  • The Bristol West Insurance Group
  • The Farmers Exchanges
  • 21st Century Insurance
  • Farmers New World Life Insurance Company
  • Farmers Financial Solutions, LLC
  • The Foremost Insurance Group
Are you a beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy with Farmers Life Insurance Company? Has the insured party passed away? Has an agent for Farmers contacted you by telephone or in writing regarding your claim, and mentioned Rescission, Misrepresentation, Interpleader or other issues regarding not paying your claim?
Have you suffered the unexpected loss of a loved one, only to have a claim for life insurance benefits delayed, or denied?  Do you get the feeling that the life insurance company is doing everything it can to avoid paying the claim? Especially if your loved one had the policy for less than two years before passing away, the life insurance company can become very aggressive at seeking to avoid the policy payment.  Rescission is a favored strategy of the life insurance company, if the policy was issued less than two years before the death.
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