Life Insurance Lawyer Las Vegas

Life Insurance Lawyer Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is thought of as a vacation, for fun and gambling, its also where many of us live. Even if you are just retired, and living in Vegas or Henderson because you never want to deal with snow again, you expect life insurance to pay if someone’s life is lost. You expect people and companies to keep their promises. Especially about life insurance polices, since the payment is only needed if something tragic has happened. But too many life insurance companies look at claims as just the start of an investigation–all pointed to a way to avoid paying the claim. Even if the person talking at the life insurance company sounds nice, what the company does is not nice.

Las Vegas isn’t just a place with more than 150,000 hotel rooms. Las Vegas is home to many of us, for retirement, for the many jobs available, or just because desert living is awesome. Bartenders are said to do particularly well in Las Vegas. There are many strong union jobs, which can come with some important life insurance benefits, too. Vegas is a great place to raise a family, with the lowest taxes in the country. There is so much tourism that it helps the locals to live better. From the oldest hotel in Las Vegas, the Golden Gate Hotel in downtown, which opened in 1906. Gambling (legal and licensed) began in 1931 during the height of the Great Depression. More than 600 people a day get married in Las Vegas.

Our clients from Las Vegas include people who worked in hospitality and restaurants, often behind the scenes, who bought life insurance either through their jobs, or through an agent, or on line. None of our clients wanted to see their life insurance used so soon. They were also surprised by the nasty energy of the life insurance companies, asking too many questions, seeking medical authorizations even when our clients should not have signed them, and just plain delaying payment. Our clients are hard working people, not life insurance specialists. Our clients were each sad and grieving the loss of a loved family member. Sometimes it was a car accident, or even something that could be suicide, or alcoholism, but each time, we worked hard to get our clients paid. Our clients are very relieved to have us fighting for them.

We can work totally by phone and email or text. You do not have to come into the offices to see us, or bring us papers. If you want to meet, we can make an appointment and see you in Las Vegas. The important part is we are here to help you, and make you happy, in this difficult time. Client service is what we do!

The life insurance claim investigation includes too many questions, too many “authorizations” to sign, and too much delay. You might not know why the life insurance company is asking so many questions–you paid for the policy, and the person has passed away. Based on our more than twenty years of experience, the life insurance company has a reason for every question they ask. Each question is designed by a manager and lawyer, looking for a reason to not pay your claim. That is it. We always see the same pattern: the policy should be paid. The policy premiums were paid. The insured person has died. The policy should be paid. Instead, the questions begin to pour out.

Especially if the policy was sold less than two years before the person passed away, during the “contestible” period, the insurance company will aggressively investigate. We have seen private detectives sent out to talk to neighbors, to visit the gravesite, to get all the medical records they can get.

The life insurance company looks for things that normal people might be tripped up with, on the application. The favorites are smoking history and alcohol use. Many of the life insurance applications involve long, confusing questions about smoking history and alcohol use, both past and present. The life insurance companies want you to sign a medical authorization–even if you are not the husband or wife of the insured person–so they can get every medical record. Using those records, they test what a person put on the application against the pages and pages of records. No doubt, they find anything that isn’t exactly the same, and then refuse to pay the claim. The life insurance will rescind the policy, send you back the money paid to the insurance company, and try to avoid the paying anything more.

We also handle a lot of interpleader type cases. An interpleader is when the life insurance company has two or more people each claiming the same money. Instead of deciding which one should get paid, the life insurance company begins a lawsuit called an interpleader. Interpleader is a type of lawsuit, usually in Federal Court, where the judge decides who gets paid. Life insurance companies like interpleader because it makes the judge decide, not the company. The problem for people is that even if you are the one true beneficiary, you still have to comply with all the Court rules, and put your case on before the judge. Even if you are right, you can lose if your lawyer or you doesn’t follow all the rules right, or if there are other problems with evidence. We know interpleader, and we go into Federal Court all the time, so we are adept at winning your interpleader case.

We have done this a lot. We take the time to know you and your case. We start working for you NOW. We communicate with you, respond to your calls, are available to you. We focus on how to win your case. If you have a problem getting your life insurance claim paid, rescission, beneficiary disputes, or your policy has been cancelled or has other issues on it, you need to contact or Use the form on our site, or email us, or call (888) 997-4070 or (818) 937-0937 to speak directly to an experienced life insurance lawyer. We are the best life insurance lawyers around, and we are real lawyers, not a lawyer referral service or “middleman”, and we are nice to work with, too; we are here for you NOW.

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