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2 Types of Life Insurance Company Litigation: Trust and Stranger Owned

At Life Insurance Lawyer Now, we work with policy owners, in all types of litigation, including: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust litigation (ILIT) and Stranger Owned Life Insurance (STOLI) Litigation – let’s have a closer look at 2 Types of Life Insurance Company Litigation: Trust and Stranger Owned.
  1. Are you involved in a life insurance policy where the life insurance company refuses to pay benefits?
  2. Does the life insurance company claim that the beneficiaries are Stranger Owned Life Insurance which was improperly transferred?
  3. Are you an investor in an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust who has not received proper payment on the policy, or proper accounting from the trustee?

We are highly experienced in all aspects of Life Insurance Company Litigation: Trust and Stranger Owned.  We can represent purchases, owners, and various beneficiary classes – and because of our decades of experience in life insurance litigation, trust and probate litigation, and life insurance regulation, we can get you what you deserve to fight for your rights.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) litigation is based on a life insurance trust.

Life Insurance trusts are used frequently for holding high value life insurance policies for the benefit of estate planning, mixed beneficiaries, and (sometimes) for beneficiaries who may legally transfer those rights.

Because life insurance trusts are, of course, trusts, you need an attorney is experienced in the administration and litigation of trusts.  This is a highly state specific source of litigation knowledge and background – and we are qualified and well experienced in using the rights and obligations of the trust law to provide for justice in your specific circumstances.

Stranger Owned Life Insurance litigation is a speciality defense that has been created by the life insurance companies as a defense to payment on transferred beneficial rights.

Every life insurance company is pleased, if not excited, to write a new life insurance policy of  $5,000,000 or more, which are often involved in transferred beneficial rights.  But these life insurance companies are much less happy to pay an ILIT the policy benefits when the beneficiaries are not the original beneficiaries, when there is a beneficiary dispute, or if there are other issues which create suspicion by the life insurance company.  Remember, the operating strategy of the life insurance company is sell, sell, sell not pay, pay, pay.

If you have a life insurance policy, or a life insurance policy is involved in trust or probate litigation, we are fully able to assertively litigate any of those issues, to make the life insurance company pay, and for your to obtain your full and fair share.

We can help.  Call LifeInsuranceLawyerNOW.com at (888) 997-4070, or (818) 937-0937, or send an email to us in the form on the side of the screen.  We are highly experienced lawyers, not paralegals, and we know this area.  We get right to it with you and the insurance company, and get many claims paid right away.  If court is necessary, we are regular Federal litigators and will push the life insurance company hard for the well being of you and your family.  We respect you, deal directly with you, and understand not only the law and facts, but what you are going through.  We are here to help.  Contact us as soon as possible, to get your claim paid faster.