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Life insurance interpleader means that the life insurance company will make a judge decide who gets paid. Since a life insurance policy is a written contract, you would think that the company would just follow the contract. But if another person makes a claim to the same life insurance benefits–the money that gets paid in the claim–the insurance company doesn’t want to deal with the problem. The life insurance company only thinks one question is important. That important question is whether the policy should be paid at all. After the company answers that question, it doesn’t really want to think about who should be paid. The life insurance company does not want to pay one claimant, to only have another person, unpaid, sue the company for not paying their claim.

When two or more people claim the same benefits, the life insurance company may use an interpleader lawsuit. Interpleader is really a two step legal process. First, the life insurance company names everyone who may have a claim on the policy. It is important to make a written claim on the policy. Then the life insurance company can decide if they have conflicting claims. This is different from a policy that names, for example, three people. If a policy is intended to pay three people equally, the company can follow those directions. But if two people both claim all of the policy, then an interpleader is used. Or whenever the life insurance company has determined that the life insurance policy should be paid, but doesn’t want to decide who should be paid.

You need to prove in Court that you are the right person to be paid. Even if you know that you are the only correct beneficiary on the life insurance policy, you cannot ignore a life insurance interpleader. Once the life insurance company files the interpleader, the judge runs the process. To the judge, this is another lawsuit, that has to follow all the rules and statutes to be prepared for trial before the judge. You can’t just expect to show up yourself in Court and win. It doesn’t ever work that way. There is preparation and compliance with rules and process. Without a lawyer who really knows how the process works, you won’t win before the judge. Because we really know the laws of life insurance interpleader complaints, and how the Court process works, we can get your claim paid. You might not even have to go to Court yourself, when you have us handle the interpleader lawsuit.

Another important fact to know about interpleader lawsuits is that the life insurance company usually brings them in Federal Court, also called United States District Court. The Federal Courts are very strict and have their own rules and systems. Only about 5% of all lawyers even practice in Federal Court. Another reason you want us as your life insurance lawyer is that we are always in Federal Court–we know our way around. We know the rules, and we know how to push your case. Federal Court is very different from State Courts, where most divorce and criminal cases are heard. Federal Court is so strict and severe that even small mistakes can result in a case being lost. The judges in Federal Court are chosen by the President, and confirmed by the United States Senate. Even though your life insurance benefit dispute is something personal to you, the busy United States District Judge that is assigned to hear it will have many hundreds more huge cases to hear, and is especially demanding with interpleader cases. Having a life insurance lawyer who really knows interpleader is critical.

We are the right life insurance interpleader lawyers for you. The three biggest reasons to chose us as your interpleader lawyer: 1. More than twenty years of active courtroom experience, working on insurance cases. For years, we worked for the life insurance companies. We have seen these questions from their side of the table. We have advised even the presidents of some of the largest companies, in the past. We know how these life insurance companies work, and how to make them pay your claim. If we are in Federal Court, we know how to show the Court that your case is a serious and important case, and that you should receive justice and the payment of your claim. Especially these days, it is important that the process moves forward, that your strong facts are put together in a persuasive way. Federal judges has said that our “arguments are persuasive” and they will be for you. 2. We work hard on your case. We put a lot of energy into getting the winning facts together, for you. We don’t make you do it all on your own. We listen to you with respect and understanding, and look for the smallest clues, that might lead to the strongest facts. We don’t expect clients to have all the answers. But when we listen carefully, we may hear things that lead to the discovery of new, strong facts, or a stronger and clearer way of presenting facts. We work hard so you win. 3. We are here for you. We know that the loss of a loved one is a big event in life. We know that this case is about your life, your family and the financial security you need protected. Our client’s come to us when everything is on the line, and they need lawyers determined to help see justice served.