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Medical Authorizations From a Life Insurance Company

Have You Received Medical Authorizations From a Life Insurance Company?

Why does a Life Insurance Company demand that you sign Medical Authorizations?

Many of our clients wake up late to the fact that the life insurance company is doing everything they can think of to avoid paying the life insurance benefits.  Even when our client talks to a nice sounding person on the phone about the life insurance claim, be assured that the claims personnel are following a carefully prepared program with only one goal in mind – NOT paying you the policy benefits. And requesting Medical Authorizations is one of those indications.

Medical Authorizations From a Life Insurance Company Means One Thing Only

If a life insurance company is going to pay the benefits, it is easy, they just pay the benefits.  When they start asking for medical authorizations, they are NOT using those to pay the life insurance benefits – they are going to use those to get the last twenty-years of medical records, all to use in a calculated plan to not pay you any benefits.  Surprised?  We won’t be.  This has been in the playbook of the life insurance companies for years, and we have fought it for years.  Don’t let the life insurance company trick you into signing possibly unrequired documents for its own benefit and use, to keep you away from the benefits that you need.

The Life Insurance Company is NOT on Your Side – Their Goal is to NOT Pay You.

The life insurance claims person will work really hard to convince you to sign the medical authorizations.  “A routine form”, they will say, “we send it out to help get the claim paid”, or “no one’s ever questioned doing it before…”  All these statements are untrue, or at most, incomplete.

The life insurance company has many lawyers working for them, and has a strategy that the life insurance company has used many times, which is to avoid paying policies.  You may not believe that these companies work hard to avoid paying policies, but they do.  Even small policies, especially big policies, whatever is possible, they use it.

  • The happiest place for a life insurance company to start looking for “misrepresentations” so they can rescind the life insurance policy and not pay any policy benefit claim.
  • The first step is of denying a claim is getting years of past medical histories and records for people who are already gone, and can’t even answer for themselves.
  • The second step is finding any bit of information that can be interpreted in their favor to deny your claim.

Part of their goal is to bury you with meaningless paperwork and have you scrambling around for documents. Don’t let this happen to you and your right to benefits.

Have you suffered the unexpected loss of a loved one, only to have a claim for life insurance benefits delayed, or denied?  Do you get the feeling that the life insurance company is doing everything it can to avoid paying the claim?

Has the life insurance company sent you a letter stating that they are rescinding the policy, making a rescission, or just sending back the insurance payment? Especially if your loved one had the policy for less than two years before passing away, the life insurance company can become very aggressive at seeking to avoid the policy payment.  Rescission is a favored strategy of the life insurance company, if the policy was issued less than two years before the death.

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