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Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Transamerica Life Insurance Company – Claim Denial is their Plan!

Transamerica Life Insurance Company will often utilize “rescission” or the “rescind” legal defense to keep from paying you any life insurance policy benefits, even though you paid all that was owed on the life insurance policy.  Additionally, if the life insurance policy was purchased less than 2 years before the tragic loss of your loved one (known as the contestability period), the life insurance provider and their lawyers will investigate the application and every possible medical record looking for any way to keep from paying you – with Transamerica Life Insurance Company, claim denial is their plan.

Transamerica will investigate the life insurance application (for all term life, whole life, and accidental death policies), and scrutinize the health condition of the insured in such detail it will feel like you are accused of a crime.

Do You Know What “Rescission” Is?

Here’s an in-depth look at this severe and often times “bad faith” tactic that Life Insurance Companies will use to avoid paying you. The insurer will cancel the policy, claiming it was you who has lied and misled them – and that the now “voided” policy has never even existed due to your actions.

“Misrepresentation” is another card the Life Insurance Company will play – and just like Rescission, the goal is to avoid paying a dime of the Life Insurance Policy benefits. Here’s a detailed look at how and why the plan insurer will use misrepresentation against the policy beneficiaries.

The Insurer’s goal is to find any sliver of  what can be seen as“misrepresentation” on the life insurance application.

Transamerica life insurance company often claims that the insured was a smoker, even though they were not.  Another favored defense is to get medical records from 6, 7, even 8 years before the application was filled out, records that even the insured has never seen, to claim that the person suffered from some medical condition they never told to Transamerica.

And just with those accusations, Transamerica will not pay the life insurance benefit, based on misrepresentation, even on bigger policies of $500,000 or more.  The beneficiaries need the right, and experienced life insurance attorney to help fight Transamerica, and get these insurance contract claims paid.

Have you read the reviews of Transamerica Life Insurance Company on ConsumerAffairs.com? Just have a look to see how many clients have been unsatisfied by their deceptive business practices. Is your situation like theirs?

Here’s just a random review from almost 200 reviews on the website:

“My disgusting saga with TransAmerica began in August 2019. My Elderly parent has a life Insurance policy with TA. I have faxed information, paid a great chunk of money sending certified and registered mail, repeatedly; only for these no count representatives to lie and say they have no record of receiving any of the mail or of our request. They have illegally blocked us from accessing forms from their online website; and every other violation that can be done over the phone, all while they faithfully collect premiums every month without fail…”

You need to know, too, that Transamerica has teams of very competent lawyers already working for the life insurance company.  These lawyers are experienced and know the Transamerica claim denial playbook by memory. Do you want to go up against them on your own?

Transamerica lawyers will leave no stone unturned to find supporting evidence to not pay the benefits claim.

We have had numerous battles with the Transamerica lawyers, and we also know their playbook, and which facts are important or not to use to win your claim.

You need experienced, tough life insurance lawyers like us on your team, to lead the fight against any unjustified Transamerica life insurance company claim denial and rescission on your life insurance claim.

When an Insurance company reviews claims for death benefits, they have a duty to act in good faith.

When an insurance company fails to act in such a manner, the beneficiary of the life insurance policy benefits may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the insurance carrier for the value of the life insurance benefits that were wrongfully denied.

Don’t make the mistake of fighting Transamerica alone.

We have done this a lot.  We take the time to know you and your case. We start working for you NOW.  We communicate with you, respond to your calls, are available to you.  We focus on how to win your case. We are experts in life insurance law.

If you have a problem getting your life insurance claim paid, rescission, beneficiary disputes, or your policy has been cancelled or has other issues on it, you need to contact Life Insurance Lawyer NOW.com or life insurance justice.com.  Use the form on our site, or email us directly, or call (888) 997-4070 or (818) 937-0937 to speak directly to an experienced life insurance lawyer for a free consultation.   We are the best life insurance lawyers you will find, and we are experienced lawyers, not a lawyer referral service or “middleman”, we are here for you NOW.