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Don’t Trust The Life Insurance Company!

Do you really think they’re on your side? We hear from many people, suffering with life insurance company issues – beneficiary problems, interpleader, or payment stalling.  They all wish for the same results: that the problems would magically solve themselves, and that the life insurance company would pay. They have learned to don’t trust The Life Insurance Company! They really believe that they have supplied the information that will get prompt payment.

We really understand these thoughts and feelings, but unfortunately, that is not how things work in the world of life insurance.  Investigations from the life insurance company can take months, and often result in no payment at all, or payment to the wrong beneficiaries.

  • When your claim is being investigated, it is lined up to not be paid, or for interpleader  

The whole purpose of the life insurance company investigation is to help the life insurance company win.

The department of the life insurance company that handles and denies claims is a very different part of the company than the one that sells policies. The sales agents will do everything they can to sign up clients and take payments – and the claims adjusters and lawyers will do everything they can to keep that money once the insured dies.

As justified as you may be to receive a policy benefit, beneficiaries don’t really know or understand what the life insurance company does when they investigate a claim.  The life insurance company investigation playbook is very different from law on television – they will never stop searching for specific facts to justify not paying you.

The life insurance company is not concerned with a beneficiaries reputation; their goal is to find evidence to use against paying you.

  • Generally speaking, the life insurance company is looking for evidence, not character reputation.  Character reputation is not how the US Court system makes decisions.

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