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Life Insurance Company Medical Records Request

On top of all the coercive life insurance policy investigations we see, one that is on the top of the list is the Life Insurance Company Medical Records Request – and that just one way the Life Insurance Company will try to deny your claim.

Why do insurers seek medical records?

There is no justification for the life insurance company to seek the medical records after a person passes away if they actually want to pay the policy.  The only reason that the life insurance company sends medical authorizations for someone else to sign, is to get records to argue that the person made misrepresentations in the life insurance application – and that they should not get paid.

The Goal of the Life Insurance Company is to NOT pay Your Claim.

We have seen life insurance companies demand that beneficiaries sign on the dotted line, when they have no obligation to sign a medical authorization.  Sometimes the life insurance companies say they need the medical authorization so they “can pay the claim” or “as a regular part of their investigation” or “to help you.”  Each of these statements is false, or incomplete.

Signing a Life Insurance Company Medical Records Request only helps the Insurer.  

It is only to help the insurer in gathering information to support their position in not paying you a dime. 

Don’t give the insurer evidence to deny your claim. That’s exactly what a Life Insurance Company Medical Records Request is aiming to do.

The life insurance company demands the medical records authorization for one reason only:  to look for anything to use against you, and to avoid paying your claim for life insurance benefits.  The medical authorization never helps you, it is only to create something, anything, that the life insurance company can use to avoid paying you.  They are experts in tricking and wasting time.  We can help, preventing the unrequired provision of a medical authorization, and getting your benefits paid right away, NOW.

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