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Power of Attorney in a Life Insurance Claim

Using a Power of Attorney in a Life Insurance Claim – Here’s Why a Power of Attorney for a Life Insurance Beneficiary Can be No Power at All.

If you are trying to get a life insurance company to follow a Power of Attorney, be warned.  These can be a real headache for a life insurance beneficiary. Are you an insured person seeking financial protection? Are you a family member or claimant? We can help.

A Power of Attorney is Not Always a Simple or Straightforward Document.

Just as it can be complicated for a regular person reviewing and completing it, the life insurance claims personnel can get easily confused with a Power of Attorney form.

According to AmericanBar.org:

  • “The power may give temporary or permanent authority to act on your behalf.
  • A power of attorney may be revoked, but most states require written notice of revocation to the person named to act for you.”
States Regulate Their Own Requirements for a Power of Attorney. 

So, different states have different requirements.  You may be in a very different state from where the life insurance company handles the claim.  The people in the life insurance claims office may not know the laws and regulations of your state (or even their own) as the life insurance claims adjusters are not lawyers.

Using a Power of Attorney in a Life Insurance Claim is for an expert attorney like us – you can’t be trying to learn the law on your own AND dealing with the deceptive tactics of the Life Insurance Company and their team of experienced lawyers.

To make things more complicated, there are two main types of Power of Attorney: One which is for healthcare decisions; and a second for other decisions (financial) for a person. 

  • Those other decisions may include handling a life insurance policy, or for life insurance policy benefits to go to a trust.
  • Or, the Power of Attorney may just be for the trust, not even for a person.
  • And if there are Changes in Beneficiaries or Beneficiary Disputes, issues can get even more complicated.

The possibilities are broad, and the chances of them being not followed or understood is very high. That’s why you need an expert in these matters who will ensure that these legal requirements will be followed.

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